Thursday, 16 July 2009

Here are some images from my new collection "Tropicália!" all items are available to order online now.

Poppy print dress. Silk screen printed, 100% cotton, fitted bodice with flared skirt.

Red flared print skirt 100% cotton, silk crepe lined. Blue, green poppy seed print.

Yellow leaf print, hand embroidered canvas bag with flower button detail.

"O que voce quiser" tee.

Lots more to come folks....x

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Working hard

Well this week I have been sewing like a crazy lady trying to get the collection together for my deadline to take pictures this weekend. My bags are ready and looking cool, the skirts and dresses are being finished. Posting the pictures soon, so if you like my designs please wait and check out the shortly arriving collection. Can´t wait to share it with you ;-)
Here are some pics of my trip to Rio, which I shall call "any excuse, The British Consulate is bigger". I had a tour on a little tram up the mountain and tried to take some pictures whilst being a bit worried that I looked too much like a Gringo and therefore risk having my camera nicked. Luckily, the locals were exceptionally friendly and wonderfully smiley, whilst a police car toured around with a heavy machine gun hanging out the window for any poor unfortunate passerby to feel suitable threatened. Which, I did.....subtle as ever. After this I had a little walk in the Botanical Garden which, for anyone who hasn´t been, should be on the Top Ten list of most beautiful places in the world...took some more pics. The Orchids where delicious as always.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

O que voce quiser - whatever you want. Thats our philosophy.

Inspiration: Beautiful Brazil

Some inspirational images I took on my recent trip to Rio de Janeiro. Orchids and carnivorous plants where some of the inspiration for my collection. Brazil is awash with colour both from nature and the amazing graffti art that covers everything.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fashion prints

Fashion Prints for my 09 collection "Tropicália"